Arrayed Above the Seraphim Light

by Even Oxen

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the energy flows through this beautiful force of music. Even Oxen is the sound of faith, hope, culture, and native. a piece of life shared with us through the raw and welcoming sound, enjoy, Even Oxen


released June 16, 2016

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Track Name: Luma
Jesus my Lord
If only the wait wasn't so long
Or even if your Spirit would stay
And sing me a song

But Spirit does draw near
Bringing gifts, I'm a belvedere
Holding a view that's misconstrued
Often by how I feel
If I'm culpable,
If I am, Spirit don't let go
For I'm in need of being freed
From these decaying bones

A home that sits on high
A God to worship and glorify
In a new life
So please bring out your kind,
Patient, pure, denial of pride
And lead me by the eyes

Please stay
Track Name: Cherubim
It's all I can wonder about
To be there in Your holy throne room before Thee

"My Son was lost but now I've found him!
(Stand before the Cherubim)
Behold my love! It holds you still but it's for My love My blood was spilled."
Track Name: My, My, My
My legs have grown so old from it's joy and youth
Yet I'm always up for walking, swimming,
And spending hours talking with you

I kind of really love the way you are
And I want many more years to spend with you
Out in the winters while the sun's taking the afternoon
My Darling, though my pride may scare the both of us sometimes
I'll set it all aside to keep you mine

Seasons may change and this love may take some work
But if life had some sort of measure for counting all this joy and pleasure
Then mine would be full

My, you're looking lovely
My, your gaze distracts me
My love, it's yours to keep
Track Name: Your Baileys of Water
Your baileys of water rest on the wings of the airplane
Holding the sun's stream silently frozen in place
Below are the highways, woven with haste and the endless
They're lapping the rubber that rolls of it's tongue with the sweet taste
Of all the miles that are as empty as You knowing

With burdens of moving, I'm thankful to spend it with You,
the gravel and asphalt, and the tires that are ripped askew

God in three persons;
The Father who holds me within His eyes
The Spirit who claims me as His own
The Son to resemble a God who has loved me
Track Name: Arrayed Above the Seraphim Light
Never could I love a Gentile or Israel with these bones
There's no good in my soul, from the day I was born
At the seams I resisted the light and continued to tighten
The tension that lied 'tween me and you
But God, in your everlasting love
You held out your body and rose
Lifting me up to be arrayed above the seraphim lights with you