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this is Q-pup, follow him on a journey through a warped story of living, being alive, and being asleep with the ideas and the situations that are placed around us every day. listen to the fresh sound of Qpup and feel a sort of spark at the end of the road

this is Q-pup


released June 11, 2016

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Track Name: Whisper to Winnipeg
kill all the foes
tear them apart
whisper to winnipeg
feed me your heart
and then die
in a trench built for two
whisper to winnipeg
I believe in you
listen to winnipeg cry
how many times will I not say goodbye
let all these bruises become young malaysians
become sacred places
become you and I
let all these corpses
become local legends
become holy pledges
oh god let me die
Track Name: Reckless Thinking
Why do I need this
Why do I care
I should be gasping for air
Why do I need this
Why am I here
Where is my soft burning flare
Keep me at a distance
Keep me alive
I should be mourning my friends
Why am I sleeping
Why do I try
Throw soft your serpent and hen
Bury my bucket
I'm climbing inside
There's no racing or running tonight
Throw soft your sidewalk
I've fallen behind
bear traps will fall at my side
King of the fighters
rotate your head
Spit in my eyelids
and speak to the dead
keep close miranda I want you to know
nobody loves you but noone will tell you no
tooth in your eye you will talk out of turn
meeting your maker or making your tendons burn
(I can't keep fighting this forever)
hold your shoe against my cell
hold your furnace the well
There is softness and burntness and sweetness I can tell
there is dancing and falling and hollering in hell
fine clean young man cellophane
you know I'm slipping through
cracks made wide by suicide and
sliding into you
trees will melt and multiply
the red inside the blue
white hot burning terrified
I didn't think this through
oh my god I didn't think that I'd leave you here
oh my god I didn't plan on leaving you here
and I'll pick you up
and Ill set you down again
and I'll pick you up
and I'll set you down again
Track Name: dream part 1 (The Night I Buried Delta)
Look out
look out for me out there
look out for me out there when you're lookin around
I can count on my fingers
youll see me looking around
I can count on my fingers the days i felt good
youll see me looking around
I still don't feel good
maybe when I go to a place I like
I am dead dead and dead now
I can sit down and do alright
dead and beat down
burning my legs
Im doing alright
burning your legs burning his legs burning her legs
I dont cry myself to sleep most nights
burn their legs in the night time
most nights I just go to sleep
cut off their fingers drink their blood
but I cry myself to sleep some nights
cut off your fingers and feed them to your dogs
Track Name: First he was my mentor and later my nemesis, but Kierkegaard was always my friend
Tidal wave
right of way
cried today
Philistine fly away
leave me alone
encapsulate sick
leap of faith
hallway dickishness
prison divided
by people you hate
and I spoke to him often
he helped me survive
and I spoke to him often
he lifted me up then he died
rubber band bow to me
floating vitality
bad faith inside of me
push me around
exploit my empathy
hollow eternity
wrapped in profanity
smelling like smoke
and I wandered in boredom
I cradled my dread
Soren made me a lover
I made him a liar instead
fork I love you
Camus in tethers and ties
free agenda
abstract or not you were right
fragment father
cities like spires will fall
high speed watcher
watch how your children grow tall
Track Name: dream part 2 (I can see through the gates in my hand)
keep your white time
softer and contoured
I was afraid of this
and outside my room
I can hear them
there is a sounding of the horn
there is the beating of the drum
there is the burning of the flag
Track Name: An Honest Modern Psychopomp
I don't know so many people
they don't know my real name
my name is David and Goliath
Urshanabi in the highest
Griffolino in decay
and I swam across the river
I left my obol in my earth
the pushing current couldn't keep me
keep my bound to what I owe you
keep me bound to what I'm worth
virgil follow me to heaven
devil put me in the dirt
I didn't mean to disappoint
I thought that I was pretty sure
ill leave your name alone
I dont know me
you dont know me
I could talk to you for pretty long
truck stop bathroom purgatory
sweat for thirty minutes then Im gone
burner in the sky but I dont
watch it I dont need to see it now
deep ravine of ceremony
lean to far and see him falling down
and the white man
lifting his shirt on the treetop
and the cold air
kept me from blinking my eyes
and the white van
screeched on the pavement to full stop
and the cold stare
kept me from acting surprised
there was still movement
there was still whining
there was forever
there were still lifeboats
there were still nametags
there was forever
white underwater
hot getting hotter
there was forever
peace to your family
they were not angry
they were forever
oh oh what can you do
there is an answer I told it to you
oh oh what can you do
there is a secret I told it to you
Track Name: dream part 3 (Drowning in Reverse)
amazing grace
how sweet it sounds
to save a wreck like me
i once was lost
but now am found
was blind but now
I see
Track Name: Crucify Me, Butterfingers
I can't undo the spell
cut off the christmas lights
But I can whisper filthy words
and stay awake all night
There was an empty tomb
there was a sliding door
there was a lightning bolt aloft
with fear and flaming sword
I cant repeat the time
he held my neck and kissed my mouth
reach in my engines pull all of my dusty divits out
there was a kingdom come
there was a rope to wear
there was the spirit of my restlessness
afraid to care

and I was born to follow
something I cant see
but I dont trust you to protect me in the dark
I want to hold your hand or turn on the tv
but now the powers out
and someone took your arms apart

and I can see good intention
I can see broken vows
and I can see that I'm still scared of what I am
Christ compel me to forget you
I am nothing if not lonely
I am nothing if not wolf before the lamb

I am nothing if not brutal
fucking listen to my words
I want to count my pointed prickles
and ignore what I have learned

I want to kiss you on the forehead
and be gladdened my pain
but I cant hollow out my spinal chord
put buckshot in my brain

I wanna feel
jesus christ I know that you're not real
Track Name: dream part 4 (Pure Religion)
you're gonna need that pure religion
you're gonna need that pure religion
you're gonna need that pure religion
you're gonna need that pure religion
you're gonna need that pure religion
Track Name: Murderers
We pushed sarahs body down the stairs
we were better un prepared
we were better un prepared
we thought we would surely have to run
would they kill their only son
would I die and make you one
and her sister
found her body
and her father
cried for a long long time
and her mother
thought she was born again and went to go find her
she ran ahead and saw her daughter behind her
now she tore apart and tried to looking inside her
and she wasnt hard to find
we wrapped her in plastic and pushed her outside
she wasnt hard to find
for you
and I knew
you would try to find me try to kill me try to find me try to kill me to
and you knew
that we didn't mean to
and I don't know why I tried pretending she was fine
you could see her same as me I know I say it all the time
but it wasn't me this time I don't know why I still remind myself of this
Track Name: Your Idea of Ideals
are you
some benign or fading force
sleeve of cigarettes beneath your jacket pocket
sometimes I think that I am better than you
sometimes I see you in my room
she calls
a life away from whining
she calls
a life away from sin
she calls
they can't tell when they win
and I can feel
your heart is melting
and I can stand
the wait you've lost your
and I will not
repeat myself this
spent enraged
by brutal actions
and conquests
to wipe on your skin
why find
what little hope you have
to find some distraction or kill on a whim
she makes
the subtle sound of breathing
she makes
the subtle sound of sighs
she makes
the subtle sound of leaving
leaving my room with her bandage untied
and I can watch
your shirt and shrouded
and I can teach
the broad and battle
and you willsleep
with poachers every

red is the color of your body
you are younger than you seem
write down salvation on the cardboard
with your canines inbetween
and I fought for freedom in your failures
and I fought with someone else in mind
seek sought a labor not of smiling
seething sought by different minds

and we could watch this
spin out and destroy itself
like cars or glasses
they hit the ground too hard
and I could live here
longer than you let me
but I know
Im nothing new
sleep on seperate shores
or lock the doors
the whore of babylon
the lighting of a torch
the howling storm
the store we broke into that thursday
make me feel some kind of lost remorse
I dont remember that thursday
slit my throat before
I want it more
I want to fight or pretend to
there is hope
there is hope
there is hope
that youll live forever
Track Name: dream part 5 (Fake It 'till You Make It)
keep it up
wipe it out
make it all for sale

keep it on
ride it out
never to derail

lie to me
lie to me
swallow shadows more

lie to them
lie to them
you've never lied to me
Track Name: Medusiac
It doesn't matter
how I felt
when I was bleeding in the dark
like am I human
if Im dying
am I human
If Im dead
and in my napkin
writing wishes
dirty pictures
dirty dishes
under the water
making bubbles
making love through empty couples
empty houses
blown out speakers
can you feel my through the sheets
or am I crying
Jesus help me
someones looking at my face
and how could I have seen them there
I havent felt that for days
and as much as its refreshing
my eagle eye starts to change
and hallelujah
its the same
im still the same
oh swamp-o-vater
person hater
can you please tell me my name
I wasnt born in the inferno
but im still trucking all the same
I taste the asphault
summer asphault
oh the highway of my sin
I still cant tell you what Pompeii means
without my point of view
running out somewhere loud
oh mediocrity
and blissful water parks
I dont miss you
on my fingers
in the dark
Track Name: psa
before you go
I wanted you to know
that I'll always be fine
I don't want to hear
the people that I know
coming up to me and saying
Luke we listened to the album
and now we're scared
that you want to die or something
well I'll always be fine
like I am
right now
Track Name: I wish this weren't goodbye (2,315$)
In a pillbug's shape
in the corner now
there's no cheap escape
I am older now
I am stronger here
or I'm weaker here
I'm awake
under porch and pound
I can breathe again
absence oxygen
where's my home to find
where's my goddess in the snow
and why why do I try
to bleed my ambition so dry
you don't need to know this
this is the only freedom for me
and where where is my love
am I brother befound not above
stranger I know you
I will forget you
please forget me
don't need to be something else
people perservere
in the way
of their shoes
with your bags tied down
and your attitude
never fresh from your heart
me in mind out there
I would come along
I would come if I could
me a martyr here
I believe in you
was I ever alive
and why why do I try
(I don't mean to be something I'm not)
to bleed my ambition so dry
you don't need to know this
this is the only freedom I need
and where where is my love
(I don't mean to be something I'm not or not something at all)
am I brother befound not above
stranger I know you
I will forget you
please forget me
let it shine on me
let it shine on me
let the light from your lighthouse
shine on me
let it shine on me
let it shine on me
let the light from your lighthouse
shine on me
should I be carried
to the clouds
on flowerbeds of ease
while others fight
to win the crown
and sail on bloody seas
let it shine on me
let it shine on me
let the light
from your lighthouse
shine on me
let it shine on me
let it shine on me
let the light
from your lighthouse
shine on me