Rainbow Govier

by Govier

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enter the Govier dimension where we are taken through loops and holes with twists and sonic elevations. we sit and close our eyes as we listen to the captive tales of the man from Atlanta. short tales and long that seem to tell a lifetime of a story. here it is in all its true color


released June 18, 2016

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Track Name: Pink Tile
my nature pink tile is my only friend.
i would leave her i don't need her shit.
but i know i'd come crawling back again.
her name is roxy doxy oxy foxy clammy clammy clam,
and i don't think you'd like her and i think i'd understand.

my sacred box petal is my only friend.
i would leave her i dont need her shit.
but i know i'd come crawling back again.
her name is flower coward howard sour clammy clammy clam.
and i don't think you'd like her,
and i think i'd understand.
Track Name: Box Petals
the box sat in the road.
withered and stepped on.
by the cars flying by.
young people they were invincible.
hey baby i need your help.
i need your structure and confidence in me.
i'm sorry that i'm dumb,
i wish i was better at explaining.

put down the opiate flowers.
it's easier, you're not encumbered.
watch them flourish before your eyes.
euphoria. ecstacy.
weakened by stress and age,
the petals dried and fell on the ground.
Track Name: Orange Juice
hey what's the commotion about,
thought I left it out on the counter.
i know the way you don't check the expiration date and it was sour.
on my way to work I saw you sitting on your favorite bench,
cigarettes and chess,
every single minute every hour of everyday for you was the fuckin' best.

hey what's the commotion about,
thought i had you in my sights.
that rash on my leg was from the way my jacket rubbed it,
you were right.
looking at the microscope i thought i saw diamonds shining,
and made a big fuss.
you picked up the slide, wiped it off, laughed and said it was dust.

(i could really use some orange juice)
Track Name: Don't pick me up
oh my bad.
feeling like a shade of topaz i saw on your wrist,
from across the room.
and things are easy,
when you're feeling queasy and,
things are in full bloom,
life feels like a beautiful room,
with a soothing feng shui
play me a tune.
while i lay on the couch,
don't pick me up.

oh my god.
you took the test with the scantron,
i saw on your wrist from across the room.
and i have a neighbor,
who makes his paper by,
selling green,
i get it for free,
if you come with me,
i can hook you up.
Track Name: Posters
take down the posters when you leave,
i don't want people to see them.
Landon Donovan on the Galaxy.
and David Beckham laying on the bed.

I'll paint a new picture for you.
decrepit and tattered are the old ones.
you can hang it where you want to.
i'm not gonna be around forever.
Track Name: Life is flashing before your eyes
grab your chance, otherwise,
time won't wait, it always flies.
life just keeps flashing before your eyes.
so live it up, idealize.
don't stop to compromise.
life just keeps flashing before your eyes.

everyday a new sunrise,
cauliflower clouds and starry skies.
life is just flashing before your eyes.
life's right there in front of your eyes.
cherries in a bowl to satisfy.
your thirst for life will not run dry,
i said life keeps flashing before your eyes.

well just to philosophize,
between two eternities I realize,
my life is flashing before my eyes.
it's just a dream,
and my advice,
is don't neglect, and have a nice,
have a nice life flash before your eyes.
have a good life flash before your eyes.
Track Name: Caving
pass me a plate and then lets talk.
i wanna get inside that beautiful brain of yours you won't let,
anyone touch with a stick.

and i wish that you would be more open,
cry at sad movies or maybe give me a telling look.

cause i built a wall inside myself.
i don't know how to tear it down.
i lost the blueprint,
back when i was six.

so i hope you brought you climbing gear,
and various sticks of dynamite,
vamanos lets go caving,
into the bleak night.
Track Name: Like a soccer player
Lucy goes under the fence yeah.
she don't care and she needs breath mints yeah.
lucy goes under the fence like a soccer player.

lucy goes back inside.
and she wants to hang out with mickey,
like he is her guide.
and so she,
she yawns her big wide mouth open.
and then she wants to walk inside,
and take a spin like a soccer player.

oh lucy oh lucy oh lucy-kins.