space and time is but a friend (vol. 1)

by Space Friend Records

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sadly we cannot fit all our very talented and wonderful artists onto this mixtape but we can guarantee they are all great. this is a small portion of a wide sound of artists on this label and we thought best to represent them in this space travel themed tape. travel with the stars passing by and the gravity at zero. enjoy the artists, enjoy the tunes, but most importantly, enjoy the art.

space friend


released September 2, 2015

thanks to all twelve unique artists

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Space Friend Records Los Angeles, California

a friend of music and a friend to the community that contributes to it



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Track Name: twingo reverse//buried in the brain (somehow she's dead to me)
Cut the loose & nevermind,
A fantasy I humanised.
I hear the footsteps still outgoing
In that place that's half a ruin.
Can't figure out
What you realy found

You're burried in my brain, you do.
You're running in my head, it's true.

Found a hole in a photograph,
tried to wash out the autograph.
'Cause in my heart you carved with passion
Your name that now came quite old-fashioned
A broken toy
With self destructive joy.

You're burried in my brain, you do.
You're running in my head, it's true.
Track Name: agnostic//wanna die already
we woke
when we blocked it out
i found
what you talked about
in your sleep

you spoke
but i couldn't care
you said
that i'm never there
when did you mean
when did you mean

we woke
yeah we talked it out
i know
you've been sleeping outside
Track Name: good boy//pollution/o.o
Pull your smile above my head
Call out to everyone who’s dead
Friends are buried inside my head
Trying to get rid of this

Pollute the world with my dying lungs
Losers die first I guess I've won
Trial errors every day
Stuck inside my brain all day
Track Name: thdafreak//edgythings
so cool my head isn't full of edgy things
say no to soft beers and i try not to complain about
better to feel like some heavy colored springs
that jump, jump around and for christ sake i won't leave this

so cool, my head
say no to soft beers

so nice my heart is bringing all the blood that it can
it sprinkles you so you have to take off your shirt
sorry for you, i just wanted to be part of your clan
so girl don't listen to me, i don't wanna be curt

i'm shy, don't you?
i am as attractive as you
Track Name: girl from mars//mind maps
i can read your mind
dont be scared of what i might find
i can see everything

im not wasting your time
dont come back if you dont think i can
do anything
cause i can do anything
Track Name: agnostic//i want to love you but i also want to set you on fire
snapshot, winter of last year
the future didn't seem as clear
but you were closer than you are
and springtime didn't seem as far

even though it's summer now
i sleep with all my blankets on

the gypsy woman said we'd fall apart
but we made a cocoon of lost bodies and found art
we harbored no delusions that this game would last forever
we know we're not in love, we just destroy ourselves together
Track Name: good boy//cadavers (in paradise)
in the sun we lay here
in the sun we stay
in the sun we're two
corpses shriveled up
in the sun we dance upon graves

oh in love
in love

you look so cool in the sun
you smile and i die a little inside
because this is love
this is us

oh in love
in love