the art in human (vol. 3)

by Space Friend Records

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we put the art in human when we choose to make something so soul connecting as music. if it wasn't for music we really wouldn't be here, like at all, so here is another collection of songs and moments to get you through your day feeling like someone else out there gets you. and we do, get you, we really do. enjoy friend.

space friend


released February 23, 2016

thanks to all bands and artists

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Space Friend Records Los Angeles, California

a friend of music and a friend to the community that contributes to it



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Track Name: the read pears//hello-sin-nation
Well I lost my ways
Through different rejects
Well it's hard to say
I was an object
Hallucinating through those bad trips
Well I never went to summer classes
(chorus): Until I found my way
Trapped between this page
Broken by my sins
Ever wonder if this question's right or wrong to keep?
Be there right by me
Broken down in three
All the others from my past just tend to come and leave
You said you want it real
Be my summer Jill
We could spend the time just going up and down the hill
Forget about the past
Nothing seems to last
Even when you think you had it all you don't
Yet. . ..
So who's to say
You were a bad chick
Well those summer days
Weren't so tragic
Hallucinating through those bad trips
Well I never went to summer classes
Track Name: n. scheebly//mop
when i saw u standing there
bobbin' yr red mop
i let my guard drop //
it was a good time
nothing on my mind
since then there's 1 thing
that i've been thinkin'

i want you by my side~~~~~
yea yr the 1 who makes me feel all right

i'm so glad i let you in
never pick a fight
let's stay up all night

i want you all the time~~~~~
yea yr the 1 who makes it all so fine
Track Name: certain sober//in one month
I know you're afraid of the dark
I know you heart to heart

Oxygen into gold
My, we're getting pretty old
Track Name: girl from mars//joey
remember when we first met
when you hugged me through that chain-link fence
can we run away again
I wanted to with you ill follow you

oh you've got me now
oh you've got me now
oh you've got me now
Track Name: littleboybigheadonbike//brightest star (intro)
you stop the clock when im with you
and i turn away
from rushing trains in the empty fray
and its ok

brightest star

dampened by the morning grass
i kiss your cheek
back to the road i wont ever leap
never even peeked

brightest star
Track Name: michael carmichael//you're not even here
I was driving around when i saw two dogs dip out and become stray. and I was thinking about how all of my friends are the same. There are some that lost me and there are some that just forgot me, and all the things i once i thought had known are no more than just hollow notions. Everything is feeling a little more weird since we lost you and you're not even here. The memories still stick to me like gum, and all i can see is you behind the sun